Kent State University Independent Films (KSUIF)  is a student led organization that takes students that have a passion for film, and gives them the opportunity for real experience. We produce a wide variety of content that include short films, award-winning music videos, and documentaries.  The organization is lead by a board of experienced film students that you can learn more about down below.

The purpose of Kent State University Independent Films is to establish and offer exceptional, professional-grade filmmaking and video opportunities to KSU students and affiliates. Our mission is to teach and inspire future filmmakers and prepare them for the real-world industry.

KSUIF holds a monthly meeting to discuss current and upcoming projects, as well as events that are hosted by us. These monthly meetings are held every first Monday of the month over Zoom at 8:00PM. Be sure to watch out for meeting cancellations or reschedules through our social media, or through our email reminders!

Meet the 2020-2021 KSUIF Board

President – Madison Ledyard-King

Madison is the leader of KSUIF. He runs the entire operation, collaborates with other student media organizations, and is in charge of implementing a vision for the entire year.

Head of Organizational Outreach/VP of Accounting – Samuel Teyssier

Distinct from the Head of Production who is in charge of overseeing physical production, Sam oversees project recruitment, retention, and membership outreach. The Head of Organizational Outreach is the friendly, approachable, available face of KSUIF. Sam also is in charge of all financial matters as they pertain to KSUIF, and KSUIF projects.

Head of Production – Reilly Schrock

Reilly is in charge of the green-lighting process. He reviews all submitted scripts, location agreements, production schedules, equipment needs, contracts, and safety concerns.

Head of Marketing and Social Media/Digital Content and Distribution Manager – Annika Cronin

Annika is in charge of overseeing the promotion, marketing and advertising for KSUIF events, meetings, social events and social awareness events. She also manages the KSUIF website and functionalities – including the
storefront and donations pages.

VP of New Revenue – Khalil Thompson

Khalil is in charge of the researching revenue-raising ideas and coordinating efforts to execute them.

KSUIF Film Festival Coordinator – Imari Hill

Imari is the head of the upcoming KSUIF Film Festival at the end of the year. She runs the entire festival from soliciting entries from all across Kent State, to ticket sales, and fundraising that needs to take place. She is also in charge of execute the logistics for all KSUIF events.


“The best education in film is to make one.”

Stanley Kubrick