KSUIF Updates

What Is This?

You might have noticed that the regular homepage is looking a little… Different? Don’t worry! All news that you see that is posted to facebook or if something that already exists changes, there will be a post updated right here on the site saying so.

What does this mean in the future? Well hopefully with some time and commitment to this update, the website will be so user friendly that you to can come to the website and post (Maybe as big as a forum or as small as a comment section)

Some changes that you might need to take notice of

  • The original posts below will soon be faded out and replaced with links to important pages on the site
  • KSUIF Meeting presentations and notes will be posted in the Updates section
  • Actually just those two for now

Please bare with us as we begin this transition, but stay tuned because we’re going to roll out with some news!