KSUIF Student Fundraiser

KSUIF is proud to be the only student-run independent film production organization at Kent State University. We strongly believe that getting hands-on experience on set outside of class is essential to being prepared for the film industry after graduation. As an organization, we bring together student writers, directors, producers, and artists of all majors to create anything from short films, to music videos, to commercial work. We pride ourselves in being able to provide students with the means to carry out their vision and tell their stories.

It is extremely rewarding to see the results of everyone’s hard work both on and off set, and it would not be possible without support from outside sources. Most of the money we raise is spent on equipment, securing locations, and anything and everything that comes with producing a short film. This could include purchases of specialty props, makeup, or costume pieces that are needed to tell the story. Last semester, we raised enough money to produce two short films, and we hope to do the same this semester.

Your support will help provide students with valuable opportunities that they cannot get from  just taking classes. Any gift will go directly toward helping students grow as filmmakers and giving them the necessary experience and tools they need to succeed in the film industry.

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