Kent State University Independent Films

Student-made, quality filmmaking.

About Us

Kent State University Independent Films is an organization that takes students that have a passion for film, and gives them the opportunity for real experience. KSUIF works as a student-run production company, where we produce a wide variety of content include webseries, short films, award-winning music videos, documentaries, TV shows, and, most important, feature length films. The organization is lead by a board of experienced film students, and is part of Student Media at Kent State University.

KSUIF typically has several projects in action at a one time. Our latest project is a feature film titled “Unlucky.” Unlucky is a story about a guy named Sam, who is faced with a family curse of misfortune, and his hilarious pursuit to reconnect with the girl of his dreams (Coming April 2016). We are also working on a dance-concept web series titled “Heartbeat” (Coming Fall 2015).

Overall, the purpose of Kent State University Independent Films is to establish and offer exceptional, professional-grade filmmaking and video opportunities to KSU students and affiliates. Our mission is to teach and inspire future filmmakers, and prepare them for the real-world industry.