From October 19th to the 21st, 2018, KSUIF held the first annual Trick Or Treat Film Fest! Teams were tasked with creating a short film in the span of 48 hours that all had to include the presence of one man, Frat Boy Kevin.

The shorts below have all created different variations of the character and stories to go along with it. Congratulations to this years winners! We hope to see more spooks and laughs next year!

1st Place – “Stranglehold” by BJ Blast

One night of paranoia is enough to make anyone uneasy or uncomfortable, but on Halloween? That’s enough to drive someone insane.

2nd Place – “Killer Night” by Wolf Pack

A simple party on Halloween night turns into a horror scene when one of the party goers begins to pick off the others. Who could be behind this mystery?

3rd Place – “Kevin and Hell” by Mediocre Machinations

Kevin is just a man who wants to show women that he can be good for them, only they don’t like him back in the same way. Could a deal with the devil be just what Kevin needs?