Short Films

Fall 2018 Projects

Together, Alone 

A narrative that takes place in a post apocalyptic America about a man who stumbles upon the first sign  of life he’s seen in months.

  • Directed by Zac Gosen
  • Written by Zac Gosen
  • Produced by Stephanie Martzaklis

Nocturnal Faith 

A narrative about a teenage boy who gains the courage to ask his crush to the school dance in a very peculiar way.

  • Directed by Michael Deorge
  • Written by Jonathan Brooke
  • Produced by Adam Wasserman

Spring 2018 Projects

Home For Christmas

Set in the 1940’s, a soldier returns home from war to spend the holidays with his girlfriend and her family

  • Directed by Trevor Strahler
  • Written by Trever Strahler
  • Produced by Shane Witt, Zach Wyers, and Trevor Strahler

Made Up

A girl goes to a party without her make up on and causes a stir.

  • Directed by Paulina Tesnow
  • Written by Paulina Tesnow

Every Day of the Week

After a slight argument, a photographer and his model girlfriend decide they should break up.

  • Directed by Cameron Croston
  • Written by Cameron Croston
  • Produced by Zoe Logston

Fall 2017 Projects

The Elephant in the Room

An enthusiastic office worker begins to feel the pressure of being the odd one out and decides he should be normal.

  • Directed by Jason Cox
  • Written by Jason Cox
  • Produced by Nick Fatica, and Shane Witt


Ty, a 13-year old boy, is struggling to deal with his alcoholic father, a school bully and his own sexuality.

  • Directed by Ben Kemper
  • Written by  Ben Kemper
  • Produced by Zoe Logston


Ramona and Joan have until curfew to figure out their issues, sexuality, and save their friendship. This fast-paced satire will transport you back to your worst years of high school in the best possible way.

  • Directed by Rachel Ramras
  • Written by Rachel Ramras
  • Produced by Rachel Ramras

Spring 2017 Projects

Body Talk

A PSA on the subject of eating disorders and the toll it takes on someone.

  • Directed by Rachel Ramras
  • Written by Rachel Ramras
  • Produced by Alyssa Standen


KSUIF’s first web series that follows the life of Alex and his trials at a certain point in his life.

  • Directed by Brandon Lazenko
  • Written by Greg Castetter, Ashley Lamatrice, Zachary Manthey, Evan Schorr, Jenson Strock, Abby Hermosilla, and Mattew Garofalo
  • Produced by Hannah Raulston, and Corey Thur

Miscellaneous Projects