We’re back again for another fun film fest! Last semester we held the 48 hour Halloween themed film fest and it was a blast. However this semester, it’s completely casual. We encourage the use of shot on phone video given the nature of the event, but if you do need equipment, the Student Resource Lab (SRL) is open to you. Be sure to reserve your equipment ahead of time because it’s going to be a high demand weekend!

The entry fee is $50 per team but if you register before March 1st, it’s only $35! Find a team fast if you want to save some money!

So lets highlight the most important details to keep in mind:

  • Entry forms are due April 8th (This is not an April fools joke)
  • The festival starts April 12th at 10am and ends April 14th at 10am
  • The entry fee is $50 after March 8th, before then it’s $35
  • We highly encourage “guerrilla style” filmmaking (iPhone video/audio, movie maker editing, etc.)
  • Themes will be announced April 12th, keep on the lookout

And as always


We’re all here to have fun and make some movies, so let’s do it people!

If you have any questions about the film fest, teams, or equipment, please email Ashleigh Byrer at abyrer@kent.edu

You can fill out the Entry Form down below or fill out a physical copy found at our office in Franklin Hall Room 221