Upcoming Projects

Here’s what’s being produced during the Fall 2018 semester! If you want to get involved in any of these projects, make sure you fill out a Crew or Crew Executive application form here!

Nocturnal Faith

A narrative about a teenage boy who gains the courage to ask his crush to the school dance in a very peculiar way.

Written by: Jonathan Brooke

Director: Michael Doerge

Producer: Adam Wasserman

Polka Dot Dress

A period piece based on the true story of key witness Sandra Serrano’s recollection of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Written by: Madison Greene

Director: Sean McAfee

Producer: Geneva VanHorn

Together, Alone

A narrative that takes place in a post apocalyptic America about a man who stumbles upon the first sign  of life he’s seen in months.

Written by: Zac Gosen

Director: Zac Gosen

Producer: Stephanie Martzaklis

Career Community Services

A documentary about Kent State’s Career Community Services: A program that helps intellectually and developmentally disabled students create meaningful college experiences as well as maximize opportunities to become self-determined and autonomous adults.

Written by: Elise Sullivan

Director: Logan Slusser

Producer: Geneva VanHorn