Upcoming Projects

Here’s what’s being produced during the Spring 2019 semester! If you want to get involved in any of these projects, make sure you fill out a Crew or Crew Executive application form here!

Scene-Maker Heart-Breaker

A quiet, polite guy has to have dinner with his girlfriend’s parents even though he desperately wants out of the relationship

Directed by: Logan Slusser (lslusser@kent.edu)

Produced by: Christen Hunter (chunte27@kent.edu), Ben Safos (bsafos@kent.edu)

Written by: Ben Holobinko


After being targeted at her local grocery store, a young girl must make a life-changing decision before she becomes a victim of human trafficking.

Directed by: Madison Ledyard-King (mledyard@kent.edu)

Produced by: Michael Deorge (mdeorge2@kent.edu)

Written by: Madison Ledyard-King

Career Community Studies

A documentary about Kent States’s Career Community Services ; a program that helps intellectually and developmentally disables students create meaningful college experiences as well as maximize opportunities to become self-determined adults

Directed by: Anna Katsas (akatsas@kent.edu)

Produced by: Seth Zarlinga (szarling@kent.edu)

Written by: Elise Sullivan