Jumping into KSUIF can be intimidating when you’re new to Kent State or a new organization.  We’ve heard plenty of times about people who were nervous to get involved because they don’t know much about film or haven’t met anyone else in their major. We understand! With small events like our film workshops, you can learn about different skills needed to work on a student film. You can get also receive hands-on experience with equipment offered at the Franklin Hall Student Resource Lab (SRL), which you will need to get comfortable with over the next few years. This is where many people got to know KSUIF and decide if this organization is a good fit for them, and also get to know people in the DMP major.

We have offered training/workshops in the following:

  • Location Sound Recording
  • Lighting
  • Film Positions & Their Jobs
  • Scriptwriting
  • Canon C100 Camera Training
  • Directing
  • Mock Film Shoots
  • And Many More!

Check our main events page for upcoming workshops here.